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The Animal Welfare Act 2006

Under The Animal Welfare Act, owners have a legal duty to meet the 'Five Welfare Needs' of their pets, and whilst in our care, Dog Groomers must also share the same responsibility. 

  1. A suitable environment - we provide a safe, hygienic environment for your dog.
  2. A suitable diet - we provide your dog with fresh drinking water and healthy vegan treats.
  3. To be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns - we allow your dog to have regular breaks and groom at a pace suitable for them.
  4. To be housed with, or apart from, other animals - we groom on a personal one-to-one basis, unless your dog feels more comfortable being groomed with another family dog.
  5. To be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease - we do not cage dogs or use heated cages and ensure they are handled safely. All equipment is sterilised before use.

Please note, that under the fifth need, if your dog is heavily matted, we can only work on brushing this out for approximately fifteen minutes. Working longer than this on your dog can cause them pain and discomfort. Heavy matting will require the dog to be shaved as matts left in a dog's coat will grow tighter to the skin, causing pain. We will discuss this with the owner prior to the groom. There will be an extra charge for this service. 

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